At six hours fifteen, departure of the boat of the pontoon of the Marina, the engines will be hot, the embarked refrigerators, all equipment in place and the smile of the crew will be already sign the one day old successful. At the exit of Golfito, fishing season very very amusing and absolutely necessary sardines which will serve as sharp for all the day. These fishes will be kept alive in a fish pond supplied with powerful pumps, then crossed golfo Dulce has a speed of 25 knots to join L “Pacific Ocean. Often punctuated of some stops on huntings of caranges or large roosterfish!   Arrived at the exit of the golfo Dulce, you will discover the famous rock of Matapalo. This small reef receives every six hours the tides of the gulf, but this N” is (if we can express ourselves thus within sight of our position under L equator) that a negligible part of “the iceberg”. indeed on more D one thousand the bottom is roughcast peaks on the basis of 60 m and skimming 8 m of surface have. The concentration of fishes of various varieties is absolutely unimaginable. Will cube giant, Cocks except standards, bands of grosses carangues cash several hundreds D exemplary, will give you very great joys at the time of your of your throws of poppers or of lures Simultaneously, you will be able to fish out of slow drag with alive sardines, very productive technique which will make you assemble your rate of adrenalin. Of course, our captains also have their secret immersed stones or groupers sérioles and vivaneaux (inter alia) will be made an obligation to come to attack your jigs. The fishing season on the edge of the beaches is an enchantment, these completely deserted last, bordered of coconuts receiving the roller of the Pacific will fill with wonder you. Your fishes will be released imperatively after photography. Only will be kept, if you wish it, some goldfishes which you will even taste the evening.